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Do you need to hold an event that should be special, timeless, and close to the heart? At Platinum Affairs Catering & Event Planner, we will make sure that such events become flawless, worry-free, fun and most especially, unforgettable. We not only plan these events based on a set of established rules, but we make sure that there is a personal touch involved, so that what comes out will be the perfect event you dream of, executed perfectly, with the right atmosphere and style, making sure that you and your guests end the event with a smile.

Our personal event planners can provide you with great events which include:



  • Banquets

  • Private Dinners

  • Baby showers

  • Bachelorette/Bachelor parties

  • Kids and Adults Birthdays

  • Bridal showers

  • Engagements

  • Anniversaries

  • Family reunion

  • Meeting and seminars

  • Corporate multiactivity days

  • Company fun days

  • Christmas party

  • Client pampering Spectacular events

  • Openings of offices, building and large infrastructure project


- and everything in between!


The story may be different but the goals are always the same – give your guests an experience that they will not forget…and that might just be a sales kick off, a corporate rah-rah or a simple meeting.  But to us, it’s never simple. It’s all about creating an amazing experience.


Tell us about your event so we can provide you with a free estimate.


Simply ~ be a Guest at your own Party

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