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Wedding planning is a complicated scenario for most couples. It seems, if you have seen the shows and read the magazines, you should be able to plan the wedding. That is very often untrue. Many couples try it on their own, only to find themselves looking for professional help to make sense of what they have done and what is left.


Whether you need minor or major assistance, Platinum Affairs is here to help. They will assist you in determining how much you should spend, calculating how many guests you can really afford to invite based on your budget, and, of course, finding the right vendors to implement your plans. These steps are only the beginning.


At Platinum Affairs Catering & Event Planner, our packages include everything you can imagine from the invitations and calligraphy to the menu development, choosing the right gown for the bride's body type, creating the perfect ambiance, and so on. There are photographers and videographers to select. There are tabletop designs to consider. There are floorplans, seating charts, guest gifts and favors, makeup and hair, and more... and more... and more. It may seem that the list is without end.



We Offer


  • Partial Wedding Coordinating and Planning

  • Complete Wedding Coordinating and Planning

  • Month of Wedding Coordinating and Planning

  • Day of Coordinating and Planning


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